Adventures in Play (age 0-1)

During the first year of life, babies are learning to move around and explore their environment, giving the right and left hemispheres of their brains opportunities to communicate with each other. This communication leads to progress in foundational play and interaction skills.

This class is a great opportunity to get out of the house with your new little one, especially during these cold winter days. Come join us for songs and activities specifically focused on developmental skills babies are working on in their first year of life! Ask questions about age appropriate toys and developmental milestones. Get to know other new mamas and papas in your area!

This class is for 0-1yr olds of ALL abilities!

Looking for opportunities that can help develop your child into a creative and independent thinker? Want tips on activities and toys that can target certain developmental skills? Looking for strategies on how to expand your child’s language or motor skills?


Adventures in Play, LLC works with both children with developmental differences and typically developing children birth to six years of age, in order to help them reach their optimal potential. Therapeutic experiences are provided using a play therapy approach, which involves facilitation of naturally occurring play activities. Therapists work in collaboration with parents to create individualized goals and specific interventions and activities are used in order to accommodate each child’s strengths and challenges.