The Kith & Kin play area is an open-concept space, designed so that children are entertained with our numerous play stations. Built to enrich through quality and simplicity. With opportunities for dramatic play on our stage, physical activity on our custom play structure, language development in our reading nook and creative expression at our craft table. Tots and pre-schoolers also love our play kitchen, musical instruments, blocks, puzzles, dress-up and more. All contained in a safe environment that is visible to parents and care givers offering them peace of mind.

We would love to accommodate all of our guests and their children at all times, but please be advised that for safety reasons, we can only have 25 children in the space at one time. The play space is also subject to be closed for special events and private parties, at any time of the week. A current calendar of events will be listed on the website and updated regularly. If you are counting on the play space being open please call ahead to confirm.

Our Promise:
We will keep the toys and place space in good, clean condition. Always using child safe, non-toxic cleaning products. Staying up to date on any broken or damaged toys. Doing everything we can to ensure a safe and child-proofed environment. Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. 

A Reminder:
A parent, guardian or caregiver must be onsite at all times this is a play-cafe — not daycare.