Pre & Post Natal Yoga Workshop

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Workshop w/ Rachel Hawken

Empower yourself and connect with your growing baby!  We genpregnanttly introduce your changing body to the softer side of yoga through breathing techniques and postures that relax, tone and strengthen the mind and body. Prenatal yoga is a way for women to tune into their body’s changing chemistry, physique and gain awareness in an essential and beneficial way.

  • Pranayama, or mindful breathing, gives moms-to-be a greater tool kit to choose from to maintain control and calm during the birthing process.
  • Learn how to access and exercise the pelvic floor, which is a group of muscles that hold and support the organs of the body, as well as most of the weight of the growing baby, will allow a more comfortable pregnancy and can assist in an easier childbirth.
  • Strengthen the feet, the hips and the back will help stabilize the body during the many changes to decrease tension and stress.
  • Stretch and opening the shoulders, upper and lower back will keep new moms happier as their weight shifts and grows.
  • Learn appropriate modifications for most poses to bring into a regular practice and stay safe.